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Friday, February 4, 2011

MY YEAR 2010

The year of the Metal Ox (2009) was not the kindest year, as far as my baffling destiny is concerned. It was the year I joggled from confusion to bewilderment to anxiety, I struggled to survive the months in-between with good sanity. Luckily, as the shrewd metallic tiger made a joyous entrance, I finally find peace of mind, rebuilding crumbled dreams and anticipating for a bright life ahead, steering my mind back to myself, as if I was stuck for so long in a freezing mountain of agony and finding myself again.

In April, NTP's annual retreat was held in Cagayan de Oro and it was a very fulfilling and inspiring retreat. I laughed on top of my lungs and enjoyed every minute talking and sharing stuff with my colleagues. We had a side trip also to the beautiful island of Camiguin. 

In May, I joined some of my colleagues at RMPC beach for our overnight adventure. It was a nice vacation, I got a chance to join male colleagues and discovered how hilarious they are when in the group. Yeah, it was my first time to join a group with males, I normally backed off every time I see boys in the group.

This is the year I set myself a deadline that if I am still single at this age then I would go back to school. In June, I finally enrolled at the graduate school of Ateneo de Davao University under the MBA program. It was nice and felt great that finally I could be able to take care of myself without thinking of so many self-defeating questions anymore.

I just have to go back to myself, caring for my own needs and dreams. It felt like there's a need for me to reconstruct my self-esteem and life in the graduate school provided me so much things I needed. It was a very smooth year for me, finally figuring it out what are the things I need to accomplish. In September, I joined Davao Bloggers and participated on different activities.

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