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Friday, February 4, 2011

MY YEAR 2007

The year I rode in life's thrill and excitement.

Great anticipation filled the air. I thought this is the year of happiness and satisfaction, that soon I will be tripping down-the-aisle, gosh! Such a silly thought indeed.

This was the year where I learned so many things in life, I finally conquered my inferiority complex and was able to get relax talking to guys. This is the year I finally discovered I had this capacity to care for a person. It was great. I gave every attention I could think for a person.

It was also a trying year for me, balancing my common sense and instinct. It felt like all my fears and hesitations towards life finally lifted from my system. I told myself to stop holding back from taking a risk so I started fighting what I knew was right. I was ready to try by then.

In December, I didn't return home because I was saving hard for our Baguio trip on the following April (2008) for our annual retreat so I just stayed in the boarding house with two of my boardmates. Then I thought about "what if?", 

The "What Ifs" finally melted into the horizon but I didn't fully realized it until less than two years later.

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