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Friday, February 4, 2011

MY YEAR 2006

Two Thousand Six. I was bubbly, vibrant and full of great anticipation for the best outcome. 

New hope, new beginnings, new start. It seemed everything was perfect. I made a return to my old job which I missed terribly. My hands were full of expectations and excitement. I was able to unite with my old friends and had a wonderful reunion. I also had a great crush working at Sun Cellular, hahaha!Oh such a very foolish feeling then I found out he has a live-in partner, Arrgggh! So the emotion died a natural death hehe!

 I celebrated my birthday with two of my good friends at Kuya Ed because there's a package called "free birthday treat for the celebrant" so I was able to save, hehehe!

After living several months with a relative somewhere in Maa, I decided to live in a rented room near the school I worked with.  I lived in a room with three other occupants and I became closed to them, I got to know lots of people, met new friends and wished that my life would tell a different story. 

I continued writing and reading books. I created the initial plot of the Queen Consort during this time, but neglected it for the next years because I still need additional research to accurately work on it.

I went home on December for the Christmas holiday. It was a wonderful holiday celebration with my family in the province, I was able to eat foods not usually found in the city. We had a reunion, then visited some of my high school friends and spent quality time with them. 

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